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Cyber Security

Cyber Security and Privacy Consulting

Sorting through the complexity of Federal security regulations to clearly understand the requirements of full compliance for your agency is a task for experts. The Planet Technologies Cyber Security and Privacy team – composed of former Senior Government Executives and Senior Consultants who have worked on cyber security issues at the highest level of government – deliver expert guidance.

System Security Plans That Ensure Full Compliance

To define policies that will ensure the security of your agency's information it's critical to understand the guidance from security regulations developed by cyber security experts. Planet's team of cleared consultants has experience developing national and departmental cyber security policies to help you build a system security plan (SSP) that will meet FISMA, OMB and NIST guidance and requirements. The Planet Cyber Security team includes Federal Executives who:

  • played leaderships roles in developing National Policy,
  • developed all cyber policy for the Department of Energy,
  • developed privacy program for Department of Energy.

Cyber-Security Operations

After all the paper has been pushed and it's time to implement the SSP, Planet's experienced technical operations team can monitor your networks, create and evaluate secure configurations and respond to cyber incidents. Having confidence in a proven team that understands threat management will allow you to fully focus on the mission of your agency.

A Coordinated Approach to Cyber-Security

Through security guidance that mitigates risk and operational support that allows end users to work efficiently, Planet's team approach will simplify your security management.

  • System Security Plans
  • Develop Security Policies
  • Compliance Guidance
  • Work with FISMA, OMB and NIST Compliance Partners
  • Monitor Networks
  • Create Secure Configurations
  • Respond to Cyber Incidents

Recognized Insight

As Planet's most notable Cyber-Security expert, Chris "Rocky" Campione is often asked by the press to comment on security issues. A former Deputy Assistant Secretary for National Security, Rocky provides keen insight into the risks that we face.

Rocky was a key contributor on the Department of Energy’s Cyber Security Risk Management Process (RMP) Guideline.

Talking Cybersecurity with Rocky Campione of Planet Technologies. [Video]

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