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"Planet Technologies repeatedly demonstrates the ability to not only realize the power of a single point Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution but in also using the platform to quickly develop and deploy a large number of line of business applications across a hybrid of internal and external resources for our customers. I appreciate their efforts and focus in being a true partner with the client and Microsoft in order to bring about the most value. A win for everyone!"

Amir Capriles
Senior Director, Microsoft Dynamics Public Sector
Microsoft Corporation

Customers expect a lot these days. They expect you to respond quickly, to know who they are and to serve their needs uniquely. If you can’t, your competitors will.

People and processes build customer relationships, but technology plays a pivotal role in today’s customer experience. Planet Technologies will help you support your people with processes that make customers happy and technology that makes customer service easy.

Define the solution quickly, with no sales pressure

Working with your team to understand the experience that you want to build for your customers, Planet Technologies’ engineers will recommend a solution that fits your business and your budget. No sales team to “interpret” your requirements – you work directly with our highly experienced solution engineers from the start.

Solutions your employees will actually use

For your people to respond quickly, they need to use technology that is familiar and easy to use. At Planet Technologies, we work exclusively with Microsoft technology solutions because we think the full integration between Outlook and solutions like Microsoft Dynamics CRM and SharePoint makes it much easier for people to adopt and use.

Planet Technologies, Microsoft Dynamics CRM and SharePoint will help you build lasting, profitable customer relationships.

Improve your customer’s experience and your profits

Microsoft Dynamics CRM and SharePoint together provide unmatched flexibility to build the solutions that will match your client’s needs and help you build lasting, profitable relationships, including:

  • Marketing Management
  • Sales Management
  • Customer Service and Support
  • Team Collaboration and Document Management

Introducing Microsoft's Crime Prevention Accelerator Built by Planet Technologies.

An end-to-end inspection and data gathering framework leveraging CRM and Windows 8.
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