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"Planet Technologies consistently demonstrates value to Microsoft clients. They are a partner in every sense of the word both to Microsoft and to our clients. I view them as an extension of the Microsoft team."

Vince Menzione
General Manager, Partner Strategy
Microsoft Corporation

Microsoft® Packaged Deployment Services

If you are not taking full advantage of the benefits that come with your Microsoft volume licensing, you could be missing out on paid planning services for your next deployment. Planet Technologies delivers Desktop Deployment Planning Services (DDPS), SharePoint® Deployment Planning Services (SDPS), Exchange® Deployment Planning Services (EDPS), Windows Azure Deployment Planning Services and Private Cloud and Virtualization Deployment Planning Services underwritten by Microsoft through your license agreement benefits.

Deployment Planning Services – No Out of Pocket Costs... really!

If your organization licenses your Microsoft software under a Volume Licensing arrangement (over 250 computers), you already own a set number of consulting day vouchers earned through Software Assurance. Planet will help you determine the number of planning and deployment engagement days (up to 15 days) you have and how you can best use those vouchers. Since Planet delivers all the available services, we can explain all your options, including:

  • How to develop a customized engagement based on your needs.
  • How to use the planning services to help lower the cost of deployment.
  • Which engagement will have the most impact on the productivity of your organization.

Find out how you can redeem your vouchers with Planet. It's easy!

Deployment Planning to save you time and money

Planet will help you solve business process challenges using the Microsoft applications that you already own, avoiding big investments in new software.

DDPS (Desktop)
  • Windows 7, Office 2010 Proof of Concept Jumpstart
  • Desktop Assessment
SDPS (SharePoint)
  • SharePoint 2010 Deployment Planning
  • SharePoint 2010 Upgrade Planning
  • SharePoint for Internet Sites Planning
EDPS (Exchange)
  • Microsoft Exchange Server Planning
  • Microsoft Office Communications Server Planning
AZDPS (Azure)
  • Microsoft Public Cloud Planning
  • Windows Azure Deployment Planning
PVDPS (Private Cloud / Virtualization)
  • Deployment Planning for System Center, Windows Server and Hyper-V

Planning Services Overview

Planning Services Overview

Find out more about Microsoft Planning Services, download the Planning Service Overview.

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