Rapid Mobile App Development

WSU-AppLeveraging Azure Web and Mobile Services, Planet was able to rapidly build a mobile Android app designed to help Alumni stay informed and connected with their school, solving a problem many schools have in retaining a connection with students after graduation. The App allows Alumni to stay informed on current school events with the ability to send notifications directly to them.

Microsoft Dynamics Auto Numbering Tool

Downloaded by more than 2,000 organizations worldwide, this tool is an enhancement for Microsoft CRM deployments, by auto generating an ID for a specific entity when a new record is created. It supports fixed number size, zero padding, and both a prefix and postfix.

Microsoft Windows based “In the Lobby” Application

With over 325 downloads in its first month of release, In the Lobby enables your organization to track visitors electronically, through a secure registration interface. Once information is entered, the system is capable of sending out notifications to staff that their visitor has arrived, and logging that information for future use. For any mobile Windows based devices, the app is available for download today in the Windows App Store.

Citizen Services for Government – Solution Accelerator

A Microsoft based solution Planet developed for government, the Citizen Services Solution Accelerator is currently being utilized by organizations such as the City of Grand Rapids and many others.

Give the ability to your citizens to interact with you in many ways:

  • General Requests such as questions, comments, feedback
  • Contact Us and receive a response from the appropriate department
  • Ask a Question and target to the appropriate person or department
  • File a Complaint noise, abandoned vehicles, snow removal, potholes
  • So, whether reporting an outage, a pothole, or needing to communicate with a specific department – Citizen Services solutions are the heartbeat of any government organization. This solution is highly customizable for your needs and easily repeatable.

Asset Management

Arm yourself with the ability to strategically and systematically maintain, upgrade and operate your physical assets by leveraging technology.

Fleet Management

This Solution Accelerator allows you to easily manage & track everything for your company’s fleet – vehicles, vehicle features, permanent and pool vehicle assignments, maintenance, mileage logging, fuel usage, accidents tracking, and reporting.

Government Election Transition Tool

Designed to dramatically improve communications with citizens and enable the secure submission and processing of resumes for political appointments, the Election transition tool can be deployed and configured to reflect the new administration in less than one hour. Transition teams are immediately empowered to quickly track, prioritize and review applications ensuring a more disciplined and streamlined change-over process. Other benefits include increased efficiency, ease of implementation, and the flexibility of a subscription-based service model.

Legislature Issue Management Solution

This Management Solution allows easy management of issues and problems reported by constituents as well as management of legislation, including bills, resolutions and the testimonies, amendments and voting associated with them.

XRM Mobile Inspections Accelerator

The Inspections Accelerator is an inspections framework that helps to streamline your company’s inspections process.

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