Advanced Security & Compliance in M365

Originally published to Techwire.

As your organization continues adapt to and plan for the “new normal” of a mobile workforce, you are likely seeing a dramatic increase in the use of Microsoft 365 (M365) cloud technologies to support communication, collaboration, and productivity. This “new normal” must also include an increased focus on security and compliance. In a recent survey of top security professionals, 94% believe that the COVID-19 crisis has increased cyber threats to enterprise systems and data, with 84% predicting the impact will continue after the immediate crisis comes to an end (The 2020 Black Hat USA Attendee Survey).

Now is the time to revisit your security and compliance strategies to ensure your organization is protected today and prepared for the challenges of tomorrow. Microsoft’s Advanced Security & Compliance tools identify, safeguard, and monitor your data wherever it goes, allowing you to confidently enable employee productivity from anywhere.

Planet Technologies is here to help you get the most out of the tools you already own.

Our team will work with you to review your organization’s security goals, assess your current environment, and enhance your security posture with an eye towards the future.

We will use applicable federal, state, or local regulations as a framework to identify and protect your sensitive data across devices and cloud services.

Internal risks will be evaluated to create mitigation strategies that empower you to monitor communication and collaboration activates to prevent accidental and intentional compliance issues.

Finally, we will ensure your team is equipped to effectively and efficiently respond to data requests.

Whether you are taking the first step on this journey or are looking to fine-tune your organizational strategy, Planet is here to make sure your “new normal” includes a holistic approach to security and compliance in M365.

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