Governance Planning for Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Azure

Originally published on Techwire: Governance Planning for Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Azure

“Governance is a way of organizing, amplifying, and constraining power.” ~ Rebecca MacKinnon

In our cloud-first world of expanding collaboration and productivity, governance has become the most important means to successful adoption of technology while maintaining security and compliance controls.

Planet Technologies offers comprehensive governance engagements that cover the gamut of data, access, collaboration, identity, and compliance authority for the Microsoft Cloud (M365 and Azure). The segregation of governance controls has been rapidly evolving within the Microsoft stack, creating confusion about how to accommodate interoperability between applications. Every level of control and administration is covered with this engagement; with a high-level focus of technical stability, sustainability, business needs, and usability/adoption.

Our M365 Governance engagement is broken down into the following logical sections:

  • Global Governance – Infrastructure, support model, auditing & monitoring, Microsoft search, user agreement, and adoption plan.
  • Groups Governance – Group naming policies, classification policies, guest access policies, Group creation restriction policies, expiration/retention policies, and dynamic Group memberships.
  • SharePoint Online Governance – Logical architecture, site request & provisioning, naming conventions, look & feel, access & permissions management, data deletion/backups & retention, retention & deletion policies, auditing & monitoring, and application integration.
  • OneDrive for Business Governance – Deployment & storage, access & permissions management, synchronization, device Access, data deletion/backups & retention, compliance, and notifications.
  • Teams Governance – Persistent conversations, Teams hierarchy, availability of applications & services, and messaging policies.
  • O365 Application Governance – Microsoft Planner, OneNote, Stream, Power Apps/Automate are all integral with Office 365 incorporated into your larger governance strategy.

Your organization will come away from this engagement with a formal Governance Plan and a clear process for supporting your governance into the future. Whether you have a mature implementation of M365 and Azure, or are just getting started, now is the time to cultivate peace of mind and create a sustainable governance strategy!

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