Planet Technologies Launches New IT Monitoring Dashboard Called RECON

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Dashboard Designed to Proactively Monitor Migration Efforts for Desktops and Servers, Display At-a-Glance Windows Security Update Compliance Across the Environment and Provide Useful Information to Assess and Reduce Overall Organizational Licensing Costs

GERMANTOWN, MD (PRWEB) DECEMBER 23, 2013 – Planet Technologies, the leading Microsoft consulting and services company, announced today the release of RECON, an enhanced system monitoring dashboard developed on Microsoft System Center and designed to support compliance, security, and asset management.

Recognizing their client’s needs for real time information on their IT system assets coupled with Microsoft’s announcement to “end of life” support for Windows XP in 2014, Planet developers set to work on building out a solution to address these requirements. The result is a state-of-the-art reporting dashboard being offered for only $5,000 to most enterprise customers who own the Microsoft enterprise license agreement. RECON proactively monitors migration efforts for desktops and servers, displays at-a-glance Windows security update compliance across the environment and provides useful information to assess and reduce overall organizational licensing costs by examining and trending usage.

“RECON is the latest in a collection of solutions and tools that Planet is providing to our clients at a fraction of the cost to what is being offered for comparable solutions in the marketplace. When you consider the enhanced value that RECON provides for organizations at a fixed-cost that includes installation and configuration, it’s an easy decision to use RECON as the choice for enterprise systems management.” said Scott Tucker, president and CEO of Planet Technologies.

Other solutions offered by Planet include their Crime Prevention Accelerator, Fleet Management Application, Legislative Management Accelerator, Inspections Application, and more. Additionally, Planet offers customization services to help organizations fully exploit the features and functionality available through their Microsoft solutions.