Planet Technologies releases the new Microsoft Citizen Services (311) Solution Accelerator

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The Most Popular Citizens Services Solution on the Market Just Got Better

GERMANTOWN, MD (PRWEB) MARCH 25, 2015 – Planet Technologies has optimized the future of the Microsoft 311 Citizen Services Accelerator by building in a variety of many exciting new features available for both Cloud and On-Premises deployments.

“Planet built the new Microsoft citizen services web portal from the ground up using a responsive web template which allows both governments and citizens to follow the life-cycle of a citizen request from initiation to resolution,” states Tron Keefer Planet’s CRM Practice Manager.

With the Microsoft 311 Citizen Services Center Solution, government organizations can:

  • Provide efficient, informative and accountable citizen-centric services to jurisdiction.
  • Increase the productivity and effectiveness of front-line staff with fluid workflow and familiar Microsoft-based software tools.
  • Enhance strategic decision making with informative statistical reports and analysis.
  • Engage with and deliver on the needs of citizens rapidly and effectively.

“The new accelerator delivers a state of the art framework that includes an interactive citizen portal, workflows and call scripts for efficient case management, as well as powerful executive dashboards and reporting tools. This framework serves as a hub for any type of citizen services through its easy configuration and extensibility,” remarked Sam Khoury, Director of Industry Solutions, Microsoft Corporation.

Complete source code is available for download. For more information, click here: