Rapid Teams Deployment for the Remote Workforce!

Originally published to Techwire.

Working remotely has become the new normal for many organizations whether they were prepared for this shift or not. With remote work there are many challenges IT organizations are facing:

  • How do we maintain productivity?
  • How do we provide secure productivity tools to our employees?
  • What are those tools?
  • What does the future of our organization look like?
  • What new operational opportunities are being presented?
  • How do we take advantage of them quickly?

Fortunately, the Microsoft tools that enable secure remote work have rapidly evolved over the past several years. For the next 6 months, Microsoft is offering Teams for free. Planet Technologies understands the urgency of deploying Teams in a secure, well-governed manner. We created a Rapid Deployment offering for Microsoft Teams with a turnaround time as short as 2 weeks from initial Kickoff to Go-Live. Planet also provides free Teams training.

Microsoft Teams provides: 

  • Chat
  • Meetings
  • On-Demand Private Calling
  • Meetings
  • Collaboration
  • Teams Mobile App

Planet provides: 

  • Teams Readiness Assessment
  • Rapid Deployment
  • Quick Start Guides
  • Teams Governance
  • Teams Training for Administrators and Users

With the current Covid-19 situation we find ourselves in unfamiliar territory. The way we do business in all areas will forever be changed. Having the flexibility to conduct day-to-day business from home has quickly become a necessity. Partnering with Planet can safely propel your organization forward in this new world. The term “Teamwork Makes the Dreamwork” has never had more meaning then it has today!

For more information contact Jennifer Dodd at jdodd@go-planet.com.