Consolidation & Optimization

It happens: departments buy systems behind IT’s back, then
train or hire new staff to manage them. Before long, your organization’s technology landscape is an absolute mess.
Planet helps you take back the reins and untangle the chaos
of incompatible systems and shadow IT.

Organizational technology landscapes can be a true patchwork at times, where competing goals can result in an environment of disorganized, disparate systems and services with little to no interoperability. In organizations where “shadow IT” exists and throws efforts into the mix, and it’s a recipe for an enormous headache. Organized consolidation and optimization efforts help organizations take back the control by moving more services under single, unified systems and ensuring that the technologies that are in use are truly fitted to the needs of the organization to prevent cost and feature creep. Cloud services, in particular PaaS (Platform as a Service) options, can be highly effective for migrating, developing, and consolidating services under the same centralized management structure while still allowing for the flexibility organizations need to meet their highly diverse business needs.

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