Data & Information Management

Planet’s data analytics services help you wrangle your disparate, incompatible data streams collected by various departments into simple, centrally managed systems you pivot, export, and share with ease.

One of the most common requests of state and local governments is to provide the public with data. That can be data of almost any kind—from information collected by fire departments, to police, to zoning, to petitions, to service outages, and more. Essentially, if an organization collects information on it, there is nearly always someone who wants to make use of it. The trouble is, with multiple data streams entering your organization that are rarely compatible, how do you get a handle on all of it so you can and share it a meaningful, easy to use way? How do you ensure it’s labeled and stored correctly? Perhaps most importantly, how do you balance open data and the pressing need for security? Data and information management strategies help organizations control multiple data streams with centralized storage, management, labeling, security, and automation so they can easily decide when, where, and how all of their data can be utilized.

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