Enterprise Architecture

Technology is not just a tool; it’s also a volatile external force
that has a profound, ever-shifting influence on your business.
Planet works with you to weave your threads of data, business
processes, and technology together so they’re always working in the same direction–toward your goals

Perhaps one of the least well understood concepts within the business world, enterprise architecture, exists at the intersection of business strategy and business technology. This practice helps organizations architect a unified strategy that aligns their business processes, structure, technologies, and policies to all work together to help them achieve their business goals. In other words, EA helps an organization build a holistic strategy to ensure they can readily adapt to changes to achieve (or improve upon) their necessary business outcomes. What makes this different from a standard business strategy? EA recognizes that technology is not simply a “work facilitator” within an organization—it treats it as a deeply integrated, core function of an organization and as an external influence and change driver than an organization must be prepared to react to.

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