Workforce modernization can be scary, especially for staff
who fear the spectre of layoffs. That’s why a partner like Planet helps you build a path forward that brings everyone along for the ride, excited for the new possibilities.

For many employees today, particularly those who interact with technology with some trepidation, the pace of change in IT services can seem almost out of control. With critical new cloud services cropping up yearly instead of once a decade, updates that can radically change a UI overnight, and shifting business priorities and even work locations, it’s critical to ensure your workforce’s skills are continually refreshed and kept up to date. Organizations need to deeply consider questions of: who do we recruit when we’re now competing not just at the local or state level, but with the entire world? How should our existing staff be organized? What skills are actually required by our organization? While these types of workforce considerations are less technical and more staff and process oriented, they nonetheless have a critical impact on IT and require careful analysis of business processes, staffing, recruiting, training, communication, and the integration of technology with your staff.

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