Asset Management

What if you could arm yourself with the ability to strategically and systematically maintain, upgrade and operate your physical assets by leveraging technology?

Many organizations are currently managing their assets with a collection of spreadsheets and request forms. While this approach may work for you today, it isn’t scalable and doesn’t provide common efficiencies that are readily available in many of the top technical solutions.

With Planet Technologies’ Asset Management Solution Accelerator you will be armed with a collection of forms, reports, analytics and dashboards, meant to make everyday management of your assets simple, efficient and streamlined. You will be empowered with information as you make purchasing and servicing decisions for your organization.

Our Solution Accelerator is built using Microsoft CRM Technologies and can be fully customized for your unique scenarios. Whether you are starting from a solution that utilizes Excel Spreadsheets, or you are looking to upgrade from a solution that no longer fits all of your specific needs, we are here to help you get started!

Real-Time Asset Tracking

Your users will be able to track access anytime, from any device, anywhere.

Mobile Reservations & User Interaction

Support for Smart Phones, Tablets and mobile devices allowing your users to access important commands on the go.

Visual Representation of Assets, Usage and Assignments

Customizable dashboards and inline charts that allow you to easily understand your data and usage.

Detailed Auditing & Reporting

Complete audit trails for every asset, including the ability to generate detailed reports ensuring that you have insight through every asset stage.

End-to-End Tracking of Assets

From addition of the Asset to end of life – full cycle tracking and management.

To see some samples of our Solution Accelerator for Asset Management, click on the images below.




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