Citizen Services

Being able to provide a responsive, on-the go solution that empowers citizens to always be connected to the information they need – that’s a true value add!

From 311 to legislative management to emergency management – Citizen Services solutions are the heartbeat of any county, municipality, city or state agency.  Built on the foundation of Microsoft CRM, Planets Solution Accelerators  have the necessary building blocks included that can be customized to best meet the unique needs of each administration. Imagine the value you can provide to your citizens, if they could simply report a pothole or a burned out street light from any device at any time. And with integrated maps and location tools, the accuracy of the data provided is guaranteed.

Planet’s Solution accelerator is built on the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform, and utilizes several different Microsoft technologies such as Power BI, Azure and SharePoint.  It is compatible with CRM 2015 Online, CRM 2015 On-Premise and CRM 2013 On-Premise. For any administration that is already making use of Microsoft technologies, the decision to move forward with CRM is a way to enhance their existing investments and make the most of tools they likely already own. And, unlike some of the other Citizen Services solutions available in the market today, Planet’s Solution Accelerator is built to integrate into your existing solutions.  This means that we can provide a level of customization to ensure that the solution you are getting is exactly what you need.

Our work in the City of Grand Rapids is Keeping Citizens Safe & Connected!

AskMayorEmpower Citizens

Citizens become empowered by having anytime access to the information they need. Through responsive, mobile ready self-service portals citizens are able to connect with and access services from any location. By making these tools available you will be reaching your citizens where they are and making your services readily available to them.



Increase ProductivityGeneral Request

The empowerment you provide is not just limited to the citizens, but permeates your entire process. Through customized forms and workflows systematic solutions can be deployed to help you easily and quickly manage your most common requests.


FuturePlan for the Future

Being prepared for tomorrow starts with understanding today. Through detailed reports and dashboards you can see a clear picture of the most common requests, open issues and citizens’ concerns and issue resolution.


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