Quick Starts

How can you know the best path to take, and how to best deploy within your organization without causing disruption or difficulty for your users?

It is often easy to know where we want to end up, but not so easy to know how to get started, or the best path to take to get there. This truth applies in many cases to the technologies that we look to implement within our organizations.

When you only get one chance, it is best to be sure and follow a proven path and plan. Because of the breadth and depth of Planet’s experience, we are uniquely qualified to help you identify the best path forward for your organization. Based on our experiences, we have created a collection of Quick Start Solutions. Each of these solutions maps to a specific feature or functionality within a core technology, and is meant to provide you the information, tools and plan for you to successfully deploy.

Cloud StrategyCloudStrategy

For many organizations the journey to the cloud is inevitable. Knowing just how to get
started, and how to best approach your move,
is the focal point of this quick start. Join some of our industry leading cloud experts as we examine your environment and needs, and help you identify the best way to move forward.

Project-13-thumbSharePoint Branding

Have you ever had the conversation about making your SharePoint look like anything but SharePoint? We hear it often! With our Branding Quick Start you are able to select from a collection of designs that can be customized further to meet your specific needs and requirements.

Check out our brand portfolio to see examples of some of our work.


OneDrive-forBiz_rgb_EN_BlueOneDrive & Document Management

Providing an efficient solution for your users to have quick, secure and anywhere access to their files and documents – that’s the core focus of this Quick Start. With the advancements in One Drive, SharePoint Online and Hybrid configurations, there are many different ways to tackle and approach this scenario. We’ve done it with many different organizations, and we are ready to take the lessons learned along the way, and incorporate them into the plan that will work best for your organization.

Business InsightsCorporateScorecard

No matter your specific needs, Planet is here to help you discover the best BI solutions for your organization. By examining your current environment and your desired future goals, we will be able to partner with you to formulate a plan for your organization. Here are just a few of the a
reas we can dig in deeper with you:

  • Self-Service Analytics with PowerBI
  • Bringing Data Analytics to your Mobile Device
  • Working with Unstructured Data and Hadoop
  • Creating Dashboards with SQL Server Performance Point

This is just a sample of the Quick Starts we have available, if you are looking for something you don’t see here, contact us to learn about all our available services & quick starts.