Business Applications Help Liberty University Serve Students Better and More Efficiently

Microsoft Dynamics Customer Solutions Case Study
Liberty University (LU) is a Christian evangelical university that delivers a rigorous academic program to more than 64,000 students. The numerous business units and schools had created a patchwork of stand-alone applications, each hosting a small subset of student and fundraising data. With resources strained by rapidly increasing enrollment, the University deployed Microsoft Dynamics CRM as a platform for new business applications. The solution integrates with LU’s existing enterprise resource planning system to facilitate central management of all student records and has enabled the central IT department to replace the numerous disparate applications and databases. In addition, business units across the University have embraced the solution. Call centers have reduced training time by more than 50 percent and increased productivity in making outbound calls by 17 percent.

“Microsoft Dynamics CRM captures every student interaction, from first contact through to enrollment and postenrollment. Workflow tools for productivity and collaboration help drive higher levels of efficiency.”
– Matthew Zealand, Chief Information Officer, Liberty University 


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