The Office 365 Summit for Government


We had a very productive day at the Summit on October 6th! We hope you enjoyed the day, and we thank you for your contribution to a day filed with extensive learning, engaging audience participation and sharing of experiences among your government peers. We have made all the presentations available to you, so that you may take advantage of the information and share it with others. You can download them below. Thank you.

The Blueprint for Office 365 Success and Getting Started the Right Way

by Steve Winter & Corey Markovits
The most frequent questions asked about Office 365 include, “What are other government organizations doing?”, “Is there a blueprint for the most common steps taken?” and “After email, what next?” You will learn the different stages most commonly followed by government organizations for an Office 365 deployment.

Emphasis will be placed on what considerations go into these decisions and why there is one path that has proven successful, time and time again.

The most important steps are most always the first ones. Migrating data is a well documented process but it’s often the little things that are most important. Identity Management, Archiving, Security and Compliance (and don’t forget Microsoft Fast Track programs). Discover how to prioritize these elements of Office 365 that are going to make your environment a success for you. Avoid having to put the Genie back in the bottle by accounting for these steps early in the planning process. Download

Managing the Swiss Army Knife of IT : SharePoint, OneDrive for Business & Business Intelligence

by Patrick Curran & Miguel Wood
It has often been said that SharePoint is the Swiss Army Knife of IT.  But just like any technology, the greatest success comes from using the tool in the best way for your organization.  In this session we will be answering the most common questions we hear about SharePoint Online, including:

  • What should be migrated?
  • What about hybrid?
  • Is OneDrive the destination for my file shares?

Will focus in on the how, why and when for each of these topic areas empowering you to make the right decisions for your organization.

Business Intelligence tools should help you get critical business data directly into the hands of your everyday decision makers. However, there are so many things to consider.  What data should I expose, how do I get started, what value will this really bring to my organization and how can I track it.

Join us as we cut through all the noise about BI and jump into the heart of the matter.  We will discuss the tools available in Office 365, how to properly configure them and when to use them. Download

Lunch Microsoft Keynote: Transforming Government with the Microsoft Trusted Cloud

by Chris Niehaus, Senior Director, National Cloud Programs, Microsoft Corporation

How Far Can Skype Really Take Me? Modernizing Your Communications Infrastructure with Skype

by Bob Ballard & Jorge Diaz
We all know the backbone for a strong team is effective and reliable communications. Skype is excellent for Instant Messaging and Web Conferencing, but what about enterprise telephony on the Skype platform? Are government organizations taking the next step with Skype for Business in the cloud? What can I do today and how should I be planning for tomorrow?

We will discuss what other government organizations are doing today about these very issues and help develop a clear picture of your communications infrastructure with Skype for Business. Download

No Matter What, It’s Still About the End User Experience

by Steve Winter & Brendan Farrell
Office 365 is about change. A completely new way for your users to collaborate and a new set of powerful tools for your user community. Change can be challenging for any organization but minimizing the impact of change is the essential ingredient to a successful rollout and adoption of the Office 365 platform.

We will cover communication plans, project management, help desk integration and the most important area – User readiness. Learn how to help your users evolve to embrace change instead of fearing it. Included will be sample content for you to take back to your organization for future use. Download