5 Reasons to Work with Planet Technologies

Why Partner with Planet? 

Many organizations, including state and local government, invest heavily in Microsoft Cloud technologies for a variety of business, productivity, and security needs. And while practically everyone is familiar with the multitude of Microsoft solutions, not all organizations are able to hire and retain enough qualified staff to properly implement or manage the wide variety of technologies over time. To achieve your organization’s demand for IT solutions, it is advantageous to work with a qualified Microsoft Partner. As a leading Microsoft Gold Partner, Planet’s expertise and business focus enhances our ability to better serve customers like you. Planet is staffed with 300+ employees to meet a diverse set of customer needs and mandated requirements. Whether you need rapid deployments, organizational change management, standardization or migration of your IT infrastructure, or help realizing the return on investment from your licensing, Planet can help plan and expedite your road to success. Here’s how partnering with Planet can help you. 

1.    Professional and Certified Experts 

Planet employs Microsoft-recognized, certified, and accredited IT experts who deliver innovative, comprehensive solutions built on Microsoft technologies to support your business requirements. Our end-to-end engagements are intended to address technology needs as well as the associated people needs, such as training, communications, and adoption support.  

2.    Strategic Partner and Trusted Adviser 

It is important to grow your business and align your infrastructure with long-term goals. You should upgrade your technology solutions based on your business requirements and not because an IT vendor has a shiny new product. Planet’s goal is to become your strategic partner and trusted advisor. This requires trust that is built one successful engagement at a time, resulting in a long-term relationship rather than a transactional desire to earn a buck. Most of our engagements last year (86%) were from repeat customers who have worked with Planet previously.   

Planet offers technical expertise in several areas including Security and Compliance, Cloud Maturity, Productivity, Collaboration, Business Intelligence, Device Management, Custom Development, and other leading-edge disciplines. Service offerings include consulting, training, implementation, migration services maintenance/support, and managed services. 

3. Value for Money 

Working with Planet enables you to drive a better return on existing and new IT investments. Our consultants are trained to expertly examine your business needs and recommend solutions that deliver tangible benefits, and to deliver results in a fraction of the time it would normally take. Our long-term relationships are the result of a partnership focus of enabling your staff to take over supporting the technology we help you implement. This mentoring-first approach diminishes the frustration that can be experienced by customers who are required to continually innovate with staff that are already spread thin. Planet will support the one-time heavy lift, so your employees can comfortably carry the load of managing and maintaining new cloud technologies that help you save money. 

4. Planet Delivers 

Clients prefer to work with IT service partners that consistently delivers a wide variety of services. Planet’s aim is to maintain a high quality of service which supports organization requirements at a lower cost than using in-house resources alone. 

5. Quality Matters – The Planet Way 

As with most things in business, cheap IT support consistently costs more money and time than it saves. Planet makes it our business to know your processes, reduce your corporate risk and make your business more agile. From day one, you will find that Planet is different from other consulting companies. Different in how we treat our customers, different in how we work with each other, and different in the results we achieve. These differences are best captured in the BIG 33 “Fundamentals” that are the foundation of our unique culture. We call it: The Planet Way. 

Looking for help? Contact Planet at info@go-planet.com