AFCEA Bethesda’s 16th Annual Law Enforcement & Public Safety (LEAPS) Technology Forum 2024

This year’s LEAPS conference is focusing on protection through prevention empowered by advanced technologies. Planet Technologies has worked with law enforcement organizations (local, state, and federal) for decades and we have been a partner through some vast technological changes. This year the key focus areas will include cyber resilience, data, artificial intelligence (AI) and cloud computing. Besides being technical leaders, Planet knows that government and industry must work together to leverage advanced technology in order to keep communities safe and prevent harm.

As is true across all sectors, artificial intelligence (AI) is an emerging tool for law enforcement and public safety. As agencies grapple with increasing data volumes, criminal patterns, and resource constraints, AI offers solutions that were once unimaginable. When used correctly by a fully trained workforce and in compliance with governance and privacy rules, AI technologies, such as predictive analytics and facial recognition, enhance investigative capabilities, streamline operations, and improve public safety outcomes. At the LEAPS Event, experts will delve into AI’s role in crime prevention, risk assessment, and evidence analysis. Planet Technologies, with its deep understanding of both technology and law enforcement needs, stands at the forefront of this transformative partnership.

Planet Technologies’ commitment to community safety extends beyond theory. Our groundbreaking Auto Crime Tracking Program exemplifies this dedication. Leveraging AI and data analytics, this program revolutionizes how law enforcement agencies combat auto-related crimes. By analyzing vehicle theft patterns, identifying hotspots, and predicting potential incidents, Planet’s solution empowers proactive policing. Officers receive real-time alerts, enabling swift responses and targeted interventions. Visit their booth to learn how Auto Crime Tracking is reshaping the fight against vehicle theft and enhancing public safety. Learn more about Planet’s Auto Crime Tracking

Join us at the LEAPS Event next week, where technology meets impact, and together, we’ll create safer communities!