An Inside Look at PowerApps on Office 365 Pulse

December 10th, 2015
12pm PST

On November 30th at Convergence EMEA in Barcelona, Microsoft unveiled PowerApps, an innovative and compelling new service for building mobile-first business applications. PowerApps empowers users to connect to data sources in the cloud and on-prem, and to create no-code, targeted mobile applications that can be shared with users on any device. PowerApps let users take advantage of pre-configured templates to do tasks like:

  • Use simple logic flows and create an email notification if a new tweet appears
  • Create a lead in Salesforce if an email arrives
  • Create an approval process email when a button is clicked in an app

…and more. PowerApps can connect to Office 365, OneDrive, Dropbox, Salesforce, Oracle, SAP, Twitter, SQL and more.

Join Jennifer Mason on December 10 @ 12 PST,  as she hosts the Office 365 Pulse, where she will be joined by members of the Microsoft Product team as they demo and discuss the new PowerApp features.  The event is free, you simply need to head over to ITUnity to register.