Evolve 365: Microsoft Tips & Tricks October Series

Webcast Series
11 a.m. – 11:30 a.m., ESTevolvetipstricksfull

October 5 – Second Look! Outlook: Business Email Basics
Email is the backbone for most business communications. Join us for our Tips & Tricks session and learn how to get the most our of your mailbox. Make your email work for you and not the other way around. We’ll be discussing:

  • Your email signature and why it matters
  • How to streamline searches of your inbox
  • One mail box with multiple accounts
  • and more!

October 12 – Office 365: Android Applications
Microsoft has adopted a cloud first, mobile first strategy – but what if you’re not on iOS? Are these the droids you’re looking for? In this Tips & Tricks session we’ll review what apps are available for Android devices. We’ll be discussing:

  • What apps are available on Android
  • Review the apps interface
  • Things to keep in mind for Android users

October 19 – Word: Working with Table of Contents
Bring some organization to your lengthy documents with a Table of Contents! Word has made it easier than ever to create TOCs, but still allows for plenty of customization. Join us for this Tips & Tricks session as we take a closer look at your options. We’ll be discussing:

  • Different ways to generate Table of Contents
  • Using the built-in TOC tools
  • Updating and modifying your TOCs

October 26 – Word: Breaks, Headers, & Footers
Continuing from our last session, we’ll explore other ways to organize lengthy Word documents. In this Tips & Tricks session, we’ll take a closer look at using section and page breaks, headers and footers, and page numbering. We’ll be discussing:

  • How to decide what break to use
  • Options and settings for headers and footers
  • Different styles of page numbering

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