Microsoft 365 Community Conference

Join Planet’s VP of Workforce Transformation & Learning at this year’s Microsoft 365 Community Conference, where innovation meets expertise in the digital realm! Jennifer Mason will be leading not one, but two enlightening sessions, delving deep into the transformative powers of Artificial Intelligence within the Microsoft 365 ecosystem.

In the session titled “Mastering Prompt Engineering: The Key to AI Success,” Jennifer will unveil the secrets behind leveraging prompt engineering techniques to unlock the full potential of AI. Propts are the fuel for AI-driven solutions and are one of the key building blocks in steering your organization towards AI success with practical strategies and real-world examples.

In the second session, “Transform your content processing and solutions with AI-powered SharePoint Premium,” Jennifer will guide you through the capabilities of AI-powered SharePoint Premium. Explore how AI can revolutionize content processing and streamline solutions within SharePoint, empowering your team to work smarter and achieve unprecedented efficiency. Don’t miss this opportunity to discover the future of content management with SharePoint and AI integration!

Jennifer and her Evolve 365 team are always on the forefront of AI innovation and Microsoft updates as they keep organizations ahead of the curve with customized training and adoption programs. Get started with Evolve 365 by emailing or visiting the Evolve 365 Homepage 

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