Securing Office 365 in a Mobile-First World (EMS)

December 16, 2015
11am – 12pm ET

The Cloud, and O365 particularly, have opened up a new era of anywhere — anytime — any device productivity. How can you unlock the power or mobile access to your users without compromising your security and compliance standards? Let Planet’s Principal Cloud Strategist, Bob Ballard show you how for FREE! Webcast: December 16, 11am-12pm ET

In the webcast, Bob will be covering the following topics:
  • How does O365 secure my mobile environment out of the box?
  • How can Microsoft help me meet my regulatory compliance requirements even in a mobile environment.
  • How can InTune and EMS help me take mobile security and compliance to the next level?
  • How can a managed Identity help me secure my mobile environment?

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