South Carolina Information Technology Directors Association (SCITDA) Fall Conference

September 18-19
Columbia, SC

Planet Technologies is heading back once again to Columbia, SC for South Carolina Information Technology Directors Association (SCITDA) Fall Conference. Ken Nuebler and Joanne Wise are always making things happen for State Government agencies and their citizens in South Carolina and Planet is always ready to do more. Cybersecurity and Artificial Intelligence are top of the agenda in The Palmetto State (and most other state and local governments as well).   

Planet Technologies is a trusted partner for SLG that can help guide, recommend, implement, and leverage cybersecurity features and capabilities that many organizations already own. With 25 years of experience, Planet Technologies is ready to be that guide for state and local customers… just ask us about our success with South Carolina!

Planet can help organizations navigate the ever-expanding role of Artificial Intelligence with confidence including Azure OpenAI.

  • Understand AI Fundamentals – Planet offers a comprehensive exploration of Azure OpenAI’s cutting-edge AI models and Microsoft Azure’s robust cloud computing platform that powers them.
  • Build The AI Blueprint – Design and deploy AI-based tools to leverage Azure OpenAI for scalability, efficiency, and cost optimization.
  • Enable AI Adoption – Identify potential AI use-cases across different areas of the business, including customer service and operations to improve efficiency and productivity.
  • Lead AI Management – Enhance your understanding and drive adoption with AI-powered tools to accelerate innovation, increase productivity, and improve public service delivery.

Stop by booth #51 to chat with Ken Nuebler and Joanne Wise to learn more about Planet’s solutions and success stories or email

The main focus and mission of SCITDA is on collaboration of technology to benefit our agencies, and thus the citizens of South Carolina.

The purpose of the group is:

  • To provide a medium for the exchange of information pertinent to the management of State information technology facilities.
  • To provide a consolidation of experience, knowledge, and interest in improving information technology, administration and management.
  • To serve as an instrument for the dissemination of information.