The Ohio Higher Education Computing Council (OHECC) 2024

Date: May 22-24, 2024
Location: The University of Akron, Akron, OH

Planet Technologies is excited to have our secure research work highlighted at the upcoming Ohio Higher Education Computing Council (OHECC) conference taking place at The University of Akron. This event gathers IT professionals and educators from higher education institutions across Ohio to explore the latest in educational technology, IT strategies, cybersecurity, and research computing.

As part of this year’s conference, Planet Technologies will be showcasing our innovative work in secure research solutions. From cost guardrails to Azure service initialization to regulatory compliance requirements, Planet provides a programmatic approach to address the unique needs of your research organization.

Planet Technologies Secure Research Enclave (SRE) Service quickly and securely provides a research environment for internal research initiatives and fast grant enablement.

  • Complete Solution: implemented and managed by Planet requiring less ramp up and training time of your internal IT who may be unfamiliar with the additional compliance & security controls that may likely differ from the organizations internal policies and compliance requirements.
  • Hybrid Option: aspects of the service can continue to be supported in-house with billing, setup and change support provided by Planet on an “as-needed” basis.

Learn more by email or chat with a Planet Team member at OHECC.