Evolve 365 for Copilot

Invest Wisely and Launch Confidently with Evolve 365 for Copilot

Evolve 365 for Copilot is a transformative learning experience designed for organizations and professionals seeking to harness the power of AI-driven assistance. Our comprehensive training and adoption program offers expert-led instruction to equip employees with the knowledge, skills, and confidence to successfully secure your investment and realize the value you envisioned.

Evolve 365 for Copilot is the newest addition to our award-winning Microsoft 365 learning and adoption platform, Evolve 365, that is used by government, educational institutions, and the commercial sector to deliver personalized Microsoft training and organizational change management support.

Drive Productivity and Safe Adoption

  • Enhanced Productivity: Boost productivity and efficiency across tasks and workflows by leveraging the power of Microsoft Copilot to streamline processes and optimize employee output.
  • Increased Confidence: Empower employees with the confidence to tackle complex tasks and challenges effectively, knowing they have the support of AI-driven productivity tools at their fingertips.
  • Organizational Growth: Drive organizational productivity, growth, and success by equipping employees with in-demand skills and tools to thrive in today’s digital workplace.

Solve for Key Organizational Concerns

  • Protects Investment and Drives Results: Given the significant financial investment in deploying Copilot, organizations need to ensure they’re achieving the productivity results and mission objectives that justified the initial acquisition. Evolve 365 for Copilot addresses this concern with personalized training tailored to agency personas and hackathons that foster team collaboration and process improvement.
  • Ensures Privacy and Security: In industries subject to strict regulatory requirements, maintaining the privacy and security of data is paramount. Evolve 365 for Copilot offers customizable compliance and governance training to ensure users understand and adhere to organizational ethics and governance, mitigating risks associated with data breaches or compliance violations.
  • Continuous Adoption of Evolving Technology: As GenAI and Microsoft Copilot evolve with improved features and capabilities, decision-makers need assurance that end-users can adopt these changes in real-time. Evolve 365 for Copilot’s Learning as a Service ensures continuous learning with updated training content released alongside Microsoft’s feature updates.

Deliver Best-In-Class AI Training Experience

  • Tailored Governance Training: Customize training to align with organizational protocols and governance policies.
  • Industry-Compliant Scenarios: Navigate Copilot and LLMs confidently with customized compliance scenarios.
  • Interactive Learning: Engage in dynamic modules designed to enhance productivity and streamline workflows.
  • Real-world Exercises: Apply skills through practical exercises and scenarios, fostering efficiency.
  • Expert Guidance: Receive personalized instruction from industry-leading experts.
  • Community Collaboration: Join a vibrant community to share best practices and optimize productivity.
  • Continuous Improvement: Stay ahead with ongoing resources, workshops, and updates.

Why Evolve 365 for Copilot?

With End User Enablement for Copilot, we believe in empowering employees to reach their full potential and drive organizational success. But with every investment in AI, end users need clear guidance, enablement, and support. Evolve 365 provides best-in-class training resources that are designed to be customized for your agency or organizations’ specific governance and compliance requirements.

Ready to unlock the power of Microsoft Copilot? Drop us a line at info@go-planet.com or visit Evolve 365 for Copilot for more information.