Planet Technologies Now Offers Cybersecurity and Productivity Training in One Consistent User Experience

In a world growing with bad actors and cybersecurity attacks, Planet Technologies’ Evolve 365 program now offers advanced cybersecurity training for your workforce. 95% of cybersecurity breaches are caused by human error according to the IBM Cybersecurity Intelligence Index. Security has always been a high priority but now more than ever cybersecurity has become a vital asset for any organization. With continuing COVID precautions and growing remote workforces becoming the norm, we have all been pushed to stay on top of our cybersecurity protocols. From phishing to malware attacks, bad actors are always coming up with new techniques to breach different networks. Millions of dollars are poured in cybersecurity training each year because your workplace is only secure as your workforce.

Why Security Awareness Training?

  • Phishing
  • CEO Fraud
  • Ransomware
  • Compliance

There are thousands of different methods that promise to protect your network, devices, and data from being stolen. However, over 60% of the Fortune 1000 companies have had at least one public data breach within the last decade according to Harvard Business Review. It is vital to keep current on the latest security protocols based on industry best practices and standards. This is where Planet’s Evolve 365 security training comes in.

In order to ensure your organization is prepared for any cyber-attacks, ongoing security training is necessary to educates your employees on how to detect attacks and breaches before they happen and how they can be avoided in the future. Now you may be asking “How can I decide on which cybersecurity training to invest my money in?”

Nobody likes wasting their time or money on training that does not effectively teach their employees on how to be cyber safe. You should invest your money into a training program that is engaging, empowering and produces a high participation rate. Evolve 365 and Optiv have partnered to together to create a cybersecurity awareness training and certification that can meet all your requirements.

Security Certification Made Easy

  • Integrated Security Awareness & Business Process Training
  • Consistent Evolve 365 Learning Experience & Navigation
  • One Platform, One Vendor, One Reporting Solution

Build a custom security course inside Evolve 365 to provide targeted training for the different groups in your organization and track the completion with reports provided by Evolve 365. The security training offers end-user security, anti-phishing protection, and compliance reporting. Evolve 365 also offers refresher training courses for individuals who have clicked on suspicious links or users who have elevated user permissions or specific roles that require additional advanced training or security topics.

Additional Evolve 365 Services and Features

  • Build custom security courses inside Evolve 365
    • Publish courses as mandatory to your users
    • Publish courses to groups of users
    • Evolve courses can include completion certificates and badges
  • Combine how-to training with security training to create robust courses for your users
    • Send ad-hoc training to users from the Evolve site using our solution sender tool
  • Use the Evolve features to automate your security campaigns
    • Learning campaigns allow us to schedule training emails from the Evolve 365 site

Team up with Planet Technologies to become a lifelong learner and take advantage of all our “one stop shop” custom learning and training programs. Evolve 365 provides the convenience and familiarity with one platform, one bill, and one end user experience. Contact an Evolve 365 Learning Strategist for more information about cybersecurity awareness training and certification and the complete Evolve 365 learning strategy today.