Windows 11 and Modern Device Management – The future of device management is here!

Originally published on Techwire: Windows 11 and Modern Device Management – The future of device management is here!

Planet Technologies’ Modern Device Management engagement is a transformational effort that is intended to replace traditional, on-premises desktop and device management to a cloud-first model. Gone are the days where Windows operating system (OS) and Office suite upgrade projects require endless time and resources.

Utilizing the Microsoft modern tooling you already own, can provide the functionality needed to keep your devices secure. Windows OS can be managed, secured, and kept up to date throughout its life cycle.

With Windows 10 approaching the end of life in 2025, eligible windows devices can be upgraded to Windows 11 while maintaining management, security, and standardization. Windows 11 brings a brand-new, interface to the OS. Windows 11 features a clean design with rounded corners and pastel shades. The iconic Start menu also moves to the center of the screen along with the Taskbar. Some benefits of Windows 11 are:

  • Better virtual desktop support
  • Enhanced touchscreen, voice, and pen support
  • Increased security
  • More reliability
  • Enhanced compatibility


Due to the new hardware requirements of Windows 11, assessing which hardware can receive the upgrade can be tricky. Modern tooling can help identify which devices can be upgraded.

The Planet Technologies’ Modern Device Management and Windows 11 Upgrade engagement will:

  • Supply a modernized management and update strategy
  • Offer recommendations for adopting a unified approach to endpoint management and moving from Windows 10 to Windows 11
  • Include a discovery of the current environment
  • Provide guidance for moving to Windows 11
  • Include learning sessions on applicable tooling (Microsoft Endpoint Manager (MEM) and/or Microsoft Endpoint Configuration Manager (MECM)).

For Windows workstations, we will explore Windows-as-a-Service to keep devices secure and compatible with the latest cloud technologies and tools. Yearly releases of Windows can be managed and streamlined while also maintaining compliance of monthly security updates. M365 Apps for Enterprise (Office) installations can be standardized, and update channels set to follow the appropriate update cycle, allowing M365 Apps for Enterprise to integrate with the latest M365 technologies.

Mobile devices and MacOS devices will also be discussed, focusing on management through MEM to consolidate device management in a centralized, single-pane-of-glass web interface.

Ready to get started? You may qualify for a FREE Windows 11 preliminary upgrade assessment from Microsoft.

During this free assessment, Planet will work with you to verify that proper tooling is in place and review environmental configurations and capabilities for supporting Windows 11. Reach out to Planet today to find out if you qualify.

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