Minburn Training

Minburn Microsoft Enterprise Agreement Holders

The YouAlreadyOwnIt Minburn/MicrosoftEA is a partnership between Minburn and Planet Technologies that provides Minburn customers access to training vouchers as a benefit of their Minburn-Microsoft Enterprise Agreement. The vouchers will allow customers the benefit of leveraging product training and deployment planning for adoption of Microsoft products owned or being procured through the customer’s Microsoft Enterprise Agreement.

Many organizations may already own the solution to their next technical challenge!

Planet’s YouAlreadyOwnIt is a 99% technical program provided at no cost to you, with the goal of ensuring your organization gets the highest possible value from your Microsoft subscription. The service, provided by Microsoft licensing experts and Microsoft architects, eliminates redundancy and confusion while guiding you towards success and savings by utilizing what you already own. YouAlreadyOwnIt members have access to a range of no-cost benefits, including funding review sessions, monthly technical content, Office Hours Webcasts, Azure Cloud tools workshops such as Secure Score, Compliance Score, and Adoption Score, service briefings, and much more.

Interested in learning more?

Contact your Minburn Account Manager at microsoft@minburntech.com

Vouchers can be used for the following product and solution areas:  

  • Microsoft Product In-depth Workshops:
    • Power Platform​
    • Security​
    • Modern Work​
    • Azure Data​
    • Azure Infrastructure
    • Azure Dev​elopement
    • Product Adoption and Deployment Planning
    • Many more topics available
  • Proof of Concept 
  • IL5 or IL6 offerings

Why Planet?

For 25 years, Planet Technologies has been the leading Microsoft cloud solutions partner for government. A Twenty-Seven Microsoft Partner of the Year Award winner, we are true specialists in helping clients adopt and use the best of what they already own from their Microsoft investments. Planet offers Expert Microsoft Learning Services through our Evolve 365 program, integration services, and adoption of Microsoft technologies through YouAlreadyOwnIt.

For more program details contact your Minburn Account Manager at microsoft@minburntech.com