Aaron Ward

My name is Aaron Ward and I am a Cloud Strategist at Planet Technologies. As a 20+ year technologist I have made my focus to help my customers solve real problems leveraging technology. I have been blessed with deep industry knowledge of both Education and State & Local Government. With the rapid adoption of cloud services, I have placed my focus on cloud compute and specifically Platform as a Service (PaaS). Though I consider myself a hack as a developer, I do not mind getting my hands dirty playing in PHP, Java or C# from time to time. My responsibilities though consist of listening to our customers’ needs and helping them create a roadmap on how to get there. Whether that is cloud compute, collaboration services or customer relation management systems; I help my customers realize how technology can benefit them as well as how to get to the finish line successfully. Though I am passionate about my customers’ success that is only half the story. I believe you need to surround yourself with others who have similar passions to see others succeed. This is why I call Planet Technologies not only my place of employment but also my team for success! I look forward to extending my network of customers and technologists and hope to have the opportunity to meet you soon!

Thank you,