Fighting COVID-19 with Microsoft Power Apps

Our team at Planet recently received an exciting request when a customer in Texas reached out to us with issues tracking COVID-19 vaccinations. Specifically, for each patient receiving the vaccine, they would need to copy the patient’s information from the reservation site to the Texas tracking site. The customer estimated this process was taking an average of 5 minutes per patient, slowing the whole vaccination process. Further, using such a manual process meant there was a significant chance for mistakes and inaccuracies.

This customer reached out to Planet asking if Microsoft’s Power Automate could be used to automatically copy the patient data from their reservation site to the Texas tracking site with logging. As a relatively small organization, licensing costs were also a big concern. Planet worked with the customer to architect and then implement a solution leveraging robotic process automation (RPA) in Power Automate Desktop. The solution we developed pulls the data from the customer’s reservation system, inputs the data into Microsoft Excel, then pulls the data again and inputs it into the Texas tracking system. Utilizing Excel in the middle provides an audit log which is critical to the process for future tracking. This solution runs on a single workstation, runs once a day, and requires just a single Power Apps license!

This solution is an exciting way for Planet to contribute to the fight against COVID-19, but it also demonstrates just how easy it is to utilize Microsoft Power Apps to provide a solution that, in the past, could have taken a development team weeks or months to implement. Planet is helping many customers automate their processes in achievable ways every day. If you are interested in automating your processes using Power Apps for efficiency in this new modern work environment, please contact