Microsoft 365 Licensing Webcast and Information

As we all know, Microsoft licensing can be complicated. I find that many customers do not understand their licensing and even worse, don’t know what they own. Every month, our team hosts a webcast called the Cloud Advisory Hour. For our September 2019 webcast, we had we had special guest Michael Brunetti, Director of Modern Workplace Workloads. I worked with Michael for several years while at Microsoft and he not only understands MWP licensing but also the technology that goes with it. On our September call, Michael breaks down the Microsoft 365 licensing bundles and what technology is included. His presentation is well-done and is very easy to understand. I highly recommend taking the time (less than an hour) to view the webcast found here.

More info on the M365 bundles can be found online from Microsoft. The M365 bundles can be found here and the E3 security and compliance add-ons can be found here.