Navigating the Copilot Cockpit

AI technology, both incredibly complex and remarkably simple, is now ubiquitous. It’s revolutionizing workflows and enhancing productivity. Microsoft’s Copilot ecosystem is a prime example of this revolution. But don’t be mistaken – Copilot isn’t a single entity. It’s a fleet of AI assistants, each with unique capabilities. The challenge isn’t just understanding which Copilot to use, but also how many there are and what each one can do for you. At Planet, we’re working with our customers to navigate this landscape, providing the necessary education and guidance.

Copilot has a solution for nearly every mission in your enterprise, from empowering M365 users and supercharging developers to securing your most valuable assets. But with so many options, how do you find the perfect match for your needs?

Meet the Copilot Crew:

Fasten your seatbelts, here comes the lineup:

  • Copilot in Windows: Your digital assistant for automating tasks, suggesting files, and answering questions. It’s the Alfred Pennyworth of your PC.
  • Copilot in VIVA Apps: Enhances your favorite productivity tools like Excel and Outlook with AI capabilities, turning you into a data wizard.
  • Microsoft Copilot (for GitHub): Helps developers craft code faster and smarter with AI-powered suggestions and code completion.
  • Copilot in SharePoint: Assists in content creation, helping you craft compelling documents and websites with ease.

(Scroll down for the full roster)

Beyond the Names: Understanding the Impact 

Each Copilot brings unique skills to the table, from automating tasks to unlocking hidden insights in your data. Imagine:

  • Marketing teams crafting personalized campaigns with Copilot for Sales.
  • Security analysts hunting threats faster with Security Copilot.
  • Power BI users creating stunning visuals with Copilot’s help.

The Challenge: Charting Your Copilot Course 

The real challenge lies in choosing the right Copilot for your organization. This is where education and guidance become crucial. Key questions include:

  • Which Copilots align with your business goals and user needs?
  • Do you have the infrastructure and training to support adoption?
  • How will you ensure users understand and effectively use Copilot’s capabilities?

Ready to Unravel the Copilot Mystery? 

Don’t let the AI jargon overwhelm you! Join Planet’s upcoming webinar series, where we’ll explore each Copilot, their superpowers, and help you chart your AI-powered journey.

Here is the full list of available or upcoming Copilots as of this writing:

  • Copilot in Windows
  • Copilot in VIVA Apps
  • Microsoft Copilot
  • Copilot in SharePoint
  • Copilot for M365
  • Copilot for M365 Admin
  • Copilot for Sales
  • Copilot for Dynamics 365
  • Copilot for Power Platform
  • Copilot for Fabric
  • Security Copilot
  • Copilot for Azure
  • Copilot for PowerBI
  • Planner Copilot