New Modern Workplace Security Track in Planet’s Cloud Maturity Model

Everybody knows how important security is in today’s world. Not a day goes by that we don’t read of a large city or enterprise being hacked with sensitive information being compromised. As a cloud strategist at Planet, I discuss security with customers on a daily basis and even pitch hitting for our consulting team a couple months ago, delivering a workshop around Windows 10 and Office 365. As my colleague, Jerry Martin wrote about in his blog post found here, our team is responsible for maintaining a PaaS solution we call the Planet Cloud Maturity Model (CMM) which we use to deliver and document our top customer’s journey to the cloud.

Security has become such an important solution at Planet that we are committed to adding dedicated tracks to the CMM. The first, shown below, covers the Modern Workplace and is focused on the client. The second, coming soon, will be on the infrastructure side, covering Azure and Server security. If you would like us to define how the various Microsoft security solutions can help you secure your environment, please contact us to discuss.

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