Unleashing the Power of Evolve365: How to Transform Your Business and Boost Productivity

Franz Kafka once stated that “productivity is being able to do things that you were never able to do.” While it may seem odd to draw parallels between 20th-century novelists and your IT infrastructure, Kafka’s words relate to the problems we solve each day with Evolve365, Planet’s “complete learning solution.”

In my former roles, one of the quickest ways for someone to become my trusted advisor was when they would give me solutions to problems I didn’t even realize I had. I say this because we often introduce Evolve into conversations as our “O365 learning solution,” thereby doing this amazing platform, and ourselves, an incredible injustice. The Evolve platform gives our customers the ability to do things that they may have never been able to do before, like providing a single platform that will enable them to enhance their greatest resource: their people!

The Challenge

IT professionals understand that the only constant is change, but what about non-IT professionals? What about the end users that we support? The business decision makers who want to achieve a specific outcome?

Every single day, we provide solutions to those people by enabling outcomes via technology. Often, these solutions are separate from each other and require training for the end users of these systems, as well as the helpdesk personnel that serve as the primary POC in most cases.

With the continuing growth of SaaS and the limited ability to control the roll-out of new features or enhancements, our users are increasingly left to figure it out on their own. Who do they turn to inevitably? The all-knowing “helpdesk!” Chats and service tickets are initiated, circular conversations ensue, and users are referred to knowledge articles in which the information may or may not even be useful. This often leads to user frustration and loss of productivity.

Moreover, there usually is not a centralized location for users to take any required organizational compliance and training course which leads to confusion, fatigue, and a perception that leadership is not investing into driving efficiencies for their day-to-day lives. How many times have you said or heard your end users say that “things should not have to be this hard?”

The Questions

Leaders in any organization often say that their number one asset is their people. This begs a few questions: do your people feel that they are highly regarded within your organization? Are you listening to them when they say they wish to expand their knowledge and become a higher-valued resource? What does your skill track program for your employees look like? How are you driving efficiency in your organization at the ServiceDesk level?

Evolve365 can help your organization solve a number of these challenges. You’ll drive efficiency by giving your employees the ability to find necessary information on the SaaS solutions and SW they use every day. Employees will identify skill tracks that pique their interest and take those learning vignettes as they see fit. This leads to a greater sense of satisfaction on-the-job and is an intangible benefit that all members of your organization will strongly value.

Since employees will know where to go to gain an understanding of how to do something in Evolve365, your organization will lower call/ticket volume to the helpdesk and drive down costs. Your organization can increase user satisfaction, drive up productivity, support employee retention, and evolve your organization into one that places a value on continuous learning.

The Why

Most organizations subscribe to our Evolve365 solution because they are going through a significant transformation (such as migration to O365 or Teams Voice deployment, for example). They understand that they need to (1) enable their users to get up to speed on the new services that are being deployed and to (2) offload the impact to their ServiceDesk by not only providing users with the option to learn on their own schedules, but to empower them to obtain information when they need it.

However, we at Planet discovered something interesting: subscriptions to Evolve365 far outlive the driving event that leads to the initial procurement of this training platform. In talking with customer executives, we realized this is because users and their businesses continue to see value in the platform long after the initial migration occurs.

These organizations understand that the Evolve365 content is not only informative, but it is also driving increases in end user productivity within their organizations. They realize they can incorporate organization-specific training into this platform, and it’s providing a solution to problems they didn’t even realize they had, such as:

  • Streamlining onboarding processes.
  • Consolidating multiple learning management systems and course subscriptions into a singular solution, benefitting the end users by removing the frustration of where to go to take these mandatory training courses.
  • Saving employees from searching far and wide to increase their skills and knowledge without hunting down the lone subject matter expert of the group (who seems to always be out of the office when you need them most).
  • Achieving soft and hard cost savings by consolidating into a platform that will support custom training requirements while still offering training that end users need.

With Evolve365, your organization doesn’t have to choose between driving efficiency and investing in its greatest resource: its people. Planet is here to help you get started.