Through State of Texas contract DIR-CPO-4444 with Carahsoft Technology Corporation, Planet Technologies can help you no matter where you are on the technical roadmap. Planet has partnered with more than 100 government agencies in moving data center workloads to the Azure cloud – That’s more than any other Microsoft partner in the entire United States! From strategic planning to on the ground execution, Planet is the go-to partner that you can depend on for all your needs.

Planet’s Services Offered: 

App Modernization/DevOps

In all journeys to the cloud one step is transitioning your applications, processes and data management.  This will improve your organization’s performance and leverage built-in security solutions.  Especially today, this is a priority.

Planet technologies has in-depth experience in helping customers along this journey.  Starting with a proof of concept we can work with you to target a handful of your applications and show the value of a cloud first model.  We will generally start by working with you to cover best practices, governance, and a pilot of 1-5 applications to help you understand how to bring those applications into a modern environment.

Together let’s pick a few from that tech debt list you have and show you how to enhance your employee and constituent experience and accelerate your time to market for these applications.



Transition To Cloud

Have you transitioned your collaboration and email tools to the cloud but are hesitant to dip your toes into cloud computing like Azure or AWS?

It’s completely understandable! There are a lot of complexities and uncertainties in migrating workloads, or disaster recovery to Azure or AWS.

Planet Technologies has done this a lot – like, a lot a lot. We will work with your team in a series of workshops to plan a targeted POC that allows everyone involved to better understand the platform and best practices associated with it.  You will walk away with a deeper understanding of the environment, tools, and governance framework needed to successfully move forward and avoid some of the common pitfalls.

Because you are eligible to use the state buying contract (State of Texas contract DIR-CPO-4444) we can help you. 

If you are interested in finding out a bit more and understanding how this could impact your organization, please reach out.  We will get a 30-minute meeting scheduled to discuss what your objectives are and how you can use this contract to best achieve them.



Security – Secure Score

As you continue to transition workloads to the cloud, it is critical to implement security, controls, and governance across the Microsoft suite to be successful.  Understanding what you own and the best practices for each solution can be a difficult task.  Then you have to enable easy management and administration of each security solution.  It can be daunting, and many organizations just take a guess and hope for the best.

You don’t have to do that. We can help.

As an agency/City/county in Texas you are able to work with this contract (State of Texas contract DIR-CPO-4444) – this makes you eligible for a no cost 90-minute Secure Score review of your current environment.  With our experience we will work with you and your team to review where you are today, what you already own (Microsoft G3/G5 etc.) and what gaps exist to further secure your organization from bad actors.  This is especially important if you have CJIS, NIST80053, HIPPA, or other compliance obligations.

Planet Technologies has migrated over 7,000,000 users to the cloud and making sure that these migrations have exceptional security and governance is a big part of what we do.

Please reach out if there is interest and we will schedule a call to walk you through how this program works and your eligibility.