2024 Microsoft Federal BizApps Summit

March 12-13, 2024
Herndon, VA

Planet Technologies is sponsoring the 2024 Microsoft Federal BizApps Summit which will focus on Power Apps and Copilot this year. The two-day event will feature interactive, enlightening workshops to explore the potential of low-code/no-code solutions in helping government agencies overcome unique their challenges, streamline processes, and modernize legacy systems! Attendees can choose between a business track or a technical track to learn skills tailored to your experience level.

As a global leader in Micrsoft Technologies, Planet is the leading partner guiding government organizations that are looking to harness Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technology to provide efficiency at orders of magnitude greater than ever thought possible. The challenge, however, is when and how to adopt these capabilities in the most efficient way. Planet will not sell you the “next big thing,” when it may not help you achieve your goals. We can help you plot your AI strategy and then help you achieve it — to get started or learn more reach out to info@go-planet.com

Join Planet at the event  to hear from a variety of accomplished keynote speakers and experts from Microsoft, as they will discuss:

  • Effective strategies for promoting platform adoption
  • Success stories from Government customers
  • Copilots generative AI capabilities within Power Platform & Dynamics
  • Strategies for scaling innovation with a power platform center of excellence

This event is only open to Federal Agencies, DoD Service Members, Government Contractors, individuals with .mil, .gov email addresses, and Microsoft Partners. Please use your appropriate agency or company/organization email to register. Those using personal email addresses (gmail, hotmail, msn, yahoo, etc.) will not approved and will not be granted entrance to the event.