Planet Technologies COVID-19 Policies

At Planet Technologies we take the safety of our customers and our employees very seriously. Your concerns are our concerns and we are taking extra and necessary steps to keep everyone safe as we work together.

While we have our own set of work practices to keep our people safe, we also understand there will be situations that are specific to your organization and will adapt to those needs. Planet Technologies has full secure and remote capabilities to accommodate “no contact” interactions as needed. If on premises staffing is required, our people we will consult with you to meet your organization’s policies. 

Over the past 24 years, Planet Technologies has worked very hard to gain your trust, and we plan to keep it while continuing the good work we do together…safely and responsibly. 

We will:

  • Adhere to All CDC Guidelines
  • Consult and Adapt to Your Rules and Standards
  • Provide Full Remote “No Contact” Services When Required

Planet also provides special training and platforms for customers who need assistance with remote work.

COVID Related Services and Products

Build and Support Your Remote Work Force

Contact Us For More Information at or 301-721-0100