DIB Secure Communications and Employee Experience Showcase

December 5, 2023
Arlington, VA

Planet Technologies is eagerly anticipating the DIB Secure Communications and Employee Experience Showcase at the Microsoft Technology Center (MTC). As a sponsor, Planet is enthusiastic about sharing our 25 years of experience in supporting the mission-critical work of Defense Industrial Base companies. This showcase offers an immersive opportunity for DIB IT leaders, M365 owners, and voice/communications experts to directly engage with partners like Planet in the defense space, driving modern and secure employee experiences in the government cloud.

Planet Technologies was chosen as the first Microsoft Partner to operate in the Azure Secret environment. Through our partnerships with the Department of Justice and Microsoft, we became the initial (and longest-serving) Microsoft System Integrator to successfully deploy services, including Networking, Storage, and Load Balancing, to name a few, in Azure Secret. This encompasses solutions utilizing Infrastructure as a Service (IAAS), SharePoint IAAS Farm, managed SQL, Logic Apps, App Services, and Azure DevOps. Planet also pioneered the production deployment of a highly available disaster recovery-compliant Azure infrastructure, employing a DevOps methodology to leverage Azure Secret’s IAAS platform. The results were successfully demonstrated to Microsoft and Customer Leadership and are currently being implemented.

The DIB Secure Communications and Employee Experience Showcase will feature interactive sessions on Teams Phone, Open AI, Cross-Tenant/Cloud Collaboration, Microsoft Teams Rooms (MTRs), Devices and frontline worker solutions, Teams Premium, and the art-of-the-possible M365 employee experience.

For more information, please feel free to speak with one of the Planet representatives at the event or reach out via email at info@go-planet.com.