Microsoft 365 Compliance: Learn to Use What You Already Own

Originally published to Techwire.

We need to talk about compliance… in a good way!

Chances are that your organization has been grappling with Public Records Act (PRA) requests, or at least the rapidly changing landscape of compliance requirements. California Consumer Protection Act (CCPA) looms large, with internal and external compliance forces battling for your attention, budget, and resources.

Whether you’re just getting started with Microsoft 365 or are already steeped in the Microsoft Cloud, you have access to some very powerful tools to help with your compliance needs. Planet Technologies can help guide your journey through the Microsoft compliance framework, with customized training, envisioning, roadmaps, and full implementations:

  • M365 Compliance Training – Rapid adoption of your existing M365 compliance toolset; with eDiscovery, Compliance Score, Legal Hold, Auditing Log Search, Investigation, Information Protection, Reporting, and more.
  • M365 Advanced Compliance – Training and envisioning for the next level of compliance tools from Microsoft. From E5 licensing and bundle breakdowns, to a full training engagement, Planet Technologies has you covered.
  • Microsoft Information Protection – Use the tools and licensing you already own to classify, retain, and protect your sensitive data, both in M365 and on-premises. From a PRA Retention Proof-of-Concept, to a full deployment of Azure Information Protection, Planet Technologies has the experience to help you succeed.
  • Threat and Identity Compliance – Using frameworks like compliance templates and advanced reporting metrics, Planet Technologies can help you overcome challenges with compliance auditing, while helping secure your information and users at the same time.

Beyond what we discussed above, Planet Technologies has a multitude of offerings and the real-world experience needed to help your organization succeed with compliance in our new world of rising data aggregation and complexity.

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