Florida Association of Educational Data Systems (FAEDS) Conference

September 17-20, 2023
Orlando, FL

Planet Technologies is partnering with Microsoft to present and sponsor this year’s Florida Association of Educational Data Systems (FAEDS) Conference. This year’s theme is “Are you REALLY ready for the next big calamity? Risk Assessment – Business Continuity – Disaster Recovery”. Planet has decades of experience working in the education sector with projects ranging from secure research enclaves and campus-wide cybersecurity to data governance and embracing the role of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Stop by Booth #50 in the exhibit hall to learn more about what Planet can do for you or email info@go-planet.com!

Planet and Microsoft are jointly presenting the following presentations:

Empowering Education with Data: Harnessing Microsoft Azure Data & Analytic Services
Presenters: Miguel Wood and Bill Campman 
Monday, September 18
1:15 to 2:05pm

This session will explore the role of Microsoft Azure’s comprehensive data and analytic services in education, including practical demonstrations and real-life examples from schools that have successfully implemented Azure services. It will also cover strategies to navigate the challenges associated with data management in education.

Shaping the Educational Future with Data: Mastering Microsoft Purview for Enterprise-Level Data Governance 
Presenters: Miguel Wood and Bill Campman 
Tuesday, September 19

This presentation offers a deep dive into Microsoft Purview, a unified data governance service. It will provide a comprehensive understanding of its role in enhancing data utilization, security, compliance, and transparency in an educational context.

Revolutionizing Education with AI: Exploring Microsoft Azure OpenAI in Educational Institutions
Presenters: Miguel Wood and MJ Jabbour

Wednesday, September 20

AI will play a transformative role in shaping the future of education. This event aims to equip participants with a deep understanding of how Microsoft Azure OpenAI can be utilized to tailor personalized learning experiences, predict student outcomes, automate administrative tasks, and foster a more enriching teaching environment. We’ll also address pivotal issues such as data privacy, ethics in AI, and strategies to overcome the challenges in implementing AI within educational environments.


A State association founded in 1964, the Florida Association of Educational Data Systems (FAEDS) is the oldest Florida professional association dedicated to the advancement of educational technology. Their purpose is to provide a forum for discussion of issues in educational technology, provide information and assistance to Florida educators and technical personnel, promote a greater understanding of the uses of technology at all levels of education, and encourage greater communication between instructional and Information Technology professionals in the State of Florida.