Webinar: Navigating VMware Pricing Increases: Azure Solutions for Cost Optimization

Are you experiencing significant price increases for your existing VMware deployments? Some customers have reported increases as high as 800%. If you’re thinking about changing your infrastructure platform, Azure could be a great option for hosting your workloads.

On Tuesday, March 26 at 1 PM ET, Microsoft and Planet Technologies will host a webinar focused on how you can leverage Azure to replace your on-premises VMware deployments. You’ll receive valuable information to help you make the best decision for your critical on-premises infrastructure.

During the webinar, Planet will discuss migration options and share best practices for using Azure VMware solutions and Azure native technologies to manage your IT infrastructure.

Register here and join us on March 26th at 1pm eastern to learn more about:

  1. Managing VMware in Azure
    • Keep managing your existing environments with familiar VMware tools while modernizing your applications with Azure native services.
    • Take advantage of VMware’s HCX technology and continue using the same VMware tools you already know: vSphere Client, NSX-T, Power CLI, or any popular DevOps toolchain.
  2. Migration Options and Best Practices
    • If you’re thinking about replacing VMware completely, consider using Azure Native services, including Infrastructure and Platform Services

Don’t miss this opportunity to gain insights into your replacement options and discover how Azure can empower your organization with VMware in Azure or alternative solutions that could potentially save you money on your existing VMware contracts.