Modern Device Management with Microsoft and Planet Technologies

You probably already own the tools you need to securely manage your remote workforce’s workstations and mobile devices. 

As we adjust to our new way of life with COVID-19 social distancing, organizations are quickly recognizing that they need to modify and modernize their technical solutions to meet new demands. One of the most common questions we are hearing is, “How do we securely manage and monitor our workforce’s devices now that they are working from home? And where do we start?” We have been working with our State of California customers to reach the goal of zero-touch deployments and patching by implementing the Microsoft technologies they already own. The first step is developing a roadmap for Modern Device Management (MDM)!

An MDM Strategic Plan is not only the foundation for prioritizing goals, but also the order of implementation for modernizing, streamlining, and operationalizing device management including:

  • Device and User Identities and Targeting
  • Desktop Management
  • Mobile Device Management (Non-Windows)
  • Mobile Application Management and Bring-Your-Own-Device Access
  • Device and Information Security
  • Governance Topics

Enable your organization to make effective business decisions for holistically managing your remote workforce.

Planet Technologies works with you to understand your unique business mission while integrating modern technology into your short and long-term strategic plans.

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